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Welcome to the Lutheran University of Papua New Guinea Web Site!

LUPNG - is a new and exciting Lutheran University Development Project for Papua New Guinea, committed to excellence in the planning of tertiary education and committed to serve the church. This project is in its establishment phase and intends to open as an "Institution of Higher Education" as soon as program, finance, infrastructure, and approval is firmly in place. This is a cooperative project between the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Papua New Guinea, The Gutnius Lutheran Church of Papua New Guinea and the Morobe Provincial Government. 
The initiating stages of the infrastructure development is expected to cost 40.6 Million Kina. The overall project is expected to cost 190 Million Kina.  This is a bold, imaginative, and inclusive plan to build the first Lutheran University in Papua New Guinea is intended to serve the practical needs of our people and contribute to building the nation of Papua New Guinea.
The Lutheran University development project is committed to excellence in the planning of the faculties of education, theology, agribusiness and nursing. Other faculties will be considered after successful establishment and operation.
This newly developing University will provide a new resource and new opportunity for growth and development in Papua New Guinea that will serve the needs of the nation and the South Pacific for years to come.

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News Flash ... LUPNG Breaks Ground

Acting Prime Minister Hon. Sam T Abal Officiates


On Friday May 20th, 2011 the Acting Prime Minister Sam T. Abal officiated the ground-breaking ceremony for the initiating stage of the multimillion Kina building project at Martin Luther Seminary.  This project will include classrooms, dormitories, and an office complex.  The Theology program at Martin Luther Seminary will be a major beneficiary of this development opportunity. The Acting Prime Minister announced that the national government has committed six million Kina to support the costs of this infrastructure development.

Further Details on the Proposed Buildings

Mr. Abal also announced that the government will include the Lutheran University in the annual National Government budgetary system so that the University would have adequate funding to build its infrastructure into University status and support recurrent operational expenses.

Mr. Abal acknowledged the hard work and achievements of the Establishment Committee under the Chairmanship of Mr. Pato and said they work should continue to move forward so as to take the first enrollment in 2013.

Head Bishop Rev. Giegere Wenge of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Papua New Guinea and Head Bishop Rev. David Piso of Gutnius Lutheran Church of Papua New Guinea lead the liturgy and planted a tree near the current renovated offices to symbolize this the future potential of the Lutheran University Project.

Governor Wenge said the Morobe Provincial government has been financially supporting the initiating costs for Lutheran University since its inception in November 2006.  He said the provincial government will continue to support the University in its journey toward it status as a recognized University in Papua New Guinea.

Invited guests that witnessed this event included; the Minister for Higher Education Hon. Paru Ahi, the Minister for Defense, Hon. Bob Dade, the Minister for Forestry, Hon. Timothy Bonga, The Governor of Morobe Province, Hon. Luther Wenge, the Morobe Provincial Administrator, Mr. Kemus Tomal, North Waghi Member of Parliament, Bengimin Mul and the PNG Law Society President Mr. Kerenga Kua.

The Lutheran University Chairman Mr. Rimbink Pato thanked the Acting Prime Minister and the National Government for its commitment to include the Lutheran University in the National Budget.  Mr. Pato also thanked the Morobe Provincial Government and Governor Wenge for the continued funding support.

Based on May 17, 2001 Post Courier Report by Frank Rai


Download Schematic Building Plans

LUPNG Builds Intellectual Capacity

LUPNG Sponsored Graduates

On Monday May 16th a small but significant ceremony in the history of Papua New Guinea was held to recognize 17 lecturers at the Balob Teachers College who graduated with a Masters in Education and with flying colours.  Two of these Lecturers Mr. John Hulum and Mr. Peter Seth graduated with High Distinctions. Additionally, two lecturers were awarded a Graduate Certificate in Education.

The Masters degree Program concentrated on building the capacity of lecturers particularly in the area of primary education with an emphasis on early childhood education. The courses were provided by Charles Sturt University and the Lecturers, were fully sponsored by the Lutheran University of Papua New Guinea at a total cost of nearly 1.2 Million Kina.  It was a demanding program that was delivered by visiting professors and completed with online work.

This graduation marked a new era for the Lutheran University in its capacity building program designed to secure professional academic staff for its initial Theology and Education Faculties.  Each lecturer in the Masters Program signed a contractual agreement to work for the Lutheran University of Papua New Guinea for three years before considering other options once courses begin to be offered at the Lutheran University.

“Congratulations to the Lutheran University or Papua New Guinea on your commitment to upgrade the qualifications of your (future) staff and we acknowledge that investment which is the cornerstone on which you (LUPNG) will build your new University,” Professor Toni Downes said.  Professor Toni Downes, who is the Dean of the Faculty of Education at the Charles Sturt University, was on-hand to officiate the ceremony and said Charles Sturt University had a proud history of partnership in Papua New Guinea.

“Over the last 10 years, we have worked with the Education Ministry and graduated a large cohort of Masters students from across the institutions.  We are delighted with the outcome of this most recent partnership and we look forward to furthering our partnership in the future,” she said.

 The Lutheran Univerisity's Acting Project Director, Dr. Brent Kilback said the Lutheran University of Papua New Guinea and Charles Sturt University have put people first by building the capacity of the Nations Academics. “It is not by accident that you are here today. This is the largest group of graduates who are graduating with an advanced degree from one institution in PNG at the same time and it is a notable achievement,” he said.

Dr. Lee Shluckebier, Project Director, sent his Greetings from Seward Nebraska and sent a message where he states: “Seventy five percent of the students who entered the Master’s Degree program completed that program either with a master's degree or a certificate of education. Based on my experience as a former Dean of Graduate Education, this was a major accomplishment for 75 % of the students to receive a graduate degree. …What a gift has been given to the church and Papua New Guinea.”

He also passed the following message to the graduates:

“This accomplishment places you in the forefront of education in Papua New Guinea."

Isaiah wrote the following words in chapter 54:2:

“Enlarge the place of your tent, stretch your tent curtains wide, do not hold back; lengthen your cords, strengthen your stakes."

These are words of encouragement to each of us. Take your newly earned master’s degree to enlarge your teaching ability; take your newly earned master’s degree educating your students with your research and teaching techniques.

This master’s degree prepares you to lengthen your cords, strengthen your stakes by continuing your personal study. As professionals and educators we are always expanding our knowledge base. Congratulations on the accomplishment of a job well done!”

Based on May 17, 2001 Post Courier Report by Frank Rai

LUPNG Builds relationship with OHE

Two Visits by the Office of Higher Education

Two executives from the Office of Higher Education [OHE] visited the Lutheran University Project site on October 13th and 14th.  The OHE’s staff’s objective for the meeting was to inform the Project Office of the procedures to develop an Institution of Higher Education and assess the development progress of the Lutheran University- Project.

Following this meeting an Audit Team was assigned by the Office of Higher Education to evaluate the progress of the project.  The team was on site 2nd to the 4th of November. The Audit Team visited the Balob Teachers College and Martin Luther Seminary as well as reviewed the development documents and the extensive planning as presented by the Project Office. 

The Audit Team concluded with and oral exit report as summarized below. A final written report will follow.

  • Begin with two academic programs, theology and primary education as soon as possible.
  • Keep the student population small as the university begins offering courses.
  • Place and emphasis on early learning in the primary education program.
  • Develop a strategic and operational plan for 2013 – 2018.
  • Renovate existing academic facilities on the Martin Luther Seminary campus. Develop institutional policies relative to governance and administration.
  • Establish administrative and academic structures
  • Speed up infrastructure development meeting requirements for introduction of new faculties and activities in 2013.
  • The next audit will be scheduled after the education and theology programs have graduated their first students.

Six representatives of the Private Higher and Technical Education Providers (PHTEP) have confirmed their attendance to observe the opening of the annual National Selections on the 12th of December 2011 at the Holiday Inn in Port Moresby. The confirmed are:

  • Mr. Siva Sivaruban, Director of Studies from International Training Institute (ITI);
  • Dr. Brent Kilback, EO, Establishment Committee from LUPNG Project;
  • Mrs. Margaret Obi, Registrar from IEA College of TAFE (Ela Beach);
  • Mr. Alex Gebia ;
  • Mr. Powih Popeniu, and;
  • Mr. NIcko Alipi from Works Institute of Technology.

This comes after the acting Director General of the Office of Higher Education (OHE) sent out an invitation to the providers to attend and observe the selection process. This is the first step in a bid by OHE to put a proposal forward for the establishment of association for the providers; which will operate independently from the Commission of Higher Education (CHE) but will be linked to OHE through the Institutional Development branch.

Innovation at the Lutheran University 

New Videoconferencing Room

In June 2010, the Lutheran University of Papua New Guinea in Lae Morobe Province inquired about the purchase of a "Teamboard".  A Teamboard is and interactive whiteboard that responds to the touch and movements of your hand. The Establishment

Committee approved the purchase of the Teamboard on July 31st.  From there an exciting journey was launched as the thoughts and dreams of maximizing the use of the Teamboard for training, research and enhanced communication opportunities was launched.  At the same time the Lutheran University was renovating an old meeting room that depended on a blackboard and an old bulletin board built in the early 70’s.  The idea was to convert part of the room into a new conference room that could be shared with Lutheran Communications and the Lutheran University of Papua New Guinea.

The Project Directors of the Lutheran University envisioned a state-of-the-art conference room with videoconferencing capabilities.  The Chairman of the Committee concurred and encouraged the forthwith development of the project.  The use of video-conferencing could also reduce operating cost and increase efficiency as it would reduce domestic transportation costs and allow for meetings that would otherwise be difficult to organize.

On October 30th the Establishment Committee approved the installations. From there the highly skilled technical team made the dream into a reality and we now sit in a state-of- the-art conference room unique to the Morobe Province and rare in the South Pacific. The installations make up the most advance and modern videoconferencing system in Morobe and only the second of its type in PNG.  This system is designed to be easy to use by the average user.  A significant saving of users’ time and travel costs will result from such an installation.  The Lutheran University plans to recover costs by renting the facility to government agencies and corporations that need such technologies to communicate with overseas partners, clients, and head offices.

Video conferencing and the internet broadband link will be and is a powerful tool now available to the Lutheran University and its clients for communications, research and training. The options for use are only limited by the human ability to dream and implement!

First Building Renovation Completed

On Tuesday May 25, 2010 the first renovation/rehabilitation project of the Lutheran University of Papua New Guinea began on the Martin Luther Seminary campus.  The new Head Bishop of the ELC-PNG, Rev. Bishop Giegere Wenge blessed and encouraged the project to move forward without delay in a letter dated April 19th 2010.

The first building to be renovated is the old Communications Building (Christian Radio) that had not been maintained in more than 20 years (see below) and was a space that could be put to better use. The Lutheran University will share this renovated space with the ELC-PNG Communications Department until new buildings are built. Other buildings may be renovated after this renovation project has been successfully completed.

Renovations Continue
Water Damaged Wall Being Removed

The building has been repaired and redesigned to include a new Lutheran University reception area, three new offices for the Lutheran University, a shared conference room, several work areas, and several modern offices for the ELC-PNG Communication’s Department. A state-of-the-art video conferencing room has been installed that allows the projection of video and sound to be shared between the Lutheran University and remote or even overseas locations. This room will be shared with the church and the University. It may also be available for hire.
The communications building at its prime (thirty years ago) had a renowned recording studio. With the coming of the digital age this equipment is now mostly dysfunctional and outdated; however, our PNG students of music and art still a need such facilities to record and broadcast their talents to PNG and the world.  To that end, the Lutheran University is looking for gifts in kind throughout Australia to reestablish the recording studio with quality and modern recording equipment.
Dr. Tracy Edington-Mackay from Australia is coordinating this initiative.  Should you be able to assist her with information or gifts of kind please contact her at:

The renovation and rehabilitation project has significantly improved the building's aesthetics, comforts, general maintenance, and made the building multifunctional. At the same time, this renovation will set a positive example and encourage project partners that the University is physically progressing. This is expected to encourage renewed enthusiasm for the overall University project.
The Department of National Planning and Implementation (Monitoring) has funded this Project with funds from the Rehabilitation of Education Sector Infrastructure funds (RESI funds) received in 2009.  Renovations and new building was delayed related to the need to give the new ELC-PNG leadership an opportunity to participate with the decision process of renovating and building.  The remaining funds have been put a side for a new building project that is expected to commence in August or September 2011.

The infusion of this funding and other new funding will provide even more opportunities to renovate and build additional educational infrastructure.  Most importantly this funding will provide for renewed and
new educational opportunities for the citizens of Papua New Guinea in the near future and in particular for advancing the establishment of the Lutheran University.

 Before Renovations

Old Communications Building (Christian Radio)
Currently being Renovated

During Renovations (September)

Progress of Renovations in September 2010

During Renovations (Feb 2011)

Progress of Renovations in February 2011

Lutheran University - Mission Statement:

The mission of the Lutheran University of Papua New Guinea is to conscientiously provide a Christian education for individuals through “Teaching”, “Researching”, and preparing them for “Service” in the church and community as servant leaders.

Lutheran University - Vision Statement:

The Establishment Committee of the Lutheran University Papua New Guinea (LUPNG) has a compelling vision to establish a new Lutheran University at Lae and to unify under that umbrella the distinctive institutions of Martin Luther Seminary and Balob Teachers College. The Lutheran University of Papua New Guinea will insure a sound, Lutheran Christian quality and model-educational tertiary institution for the citizens of Papua New Guinea.


What is Happening?

The Lutheran University of Papua New Guinea is instituting a four-year Degree Granting Lutheran University. The initial faculty developments will be in the area of Primary Education, Theology, Agribusiness and Nursing.  It is now preparing to be open to students of all faith and ethnic backgrounds.

The Lutheran University will encourage Professional Development and support Advanced Degrees for Lectures in PNG who are committed to teach at the Lutheran University of Papua New Guinea.  The Lutheran University completed a contract Charles Sturt University from New South Wales to provide this service. This was an extremely important undertaking as there is a critical need to upgrade the existing faculty and provide well-qualified lectures with an emphasis on Early Childhood Education for the Lutheran University
A Master Plan has been developed for new and renovated buildings so as to provide an attractive, comfortable, and well-planned campus in Lae. The stakeholders desire the master plan to insure a sound, uniquie, quality, and a high-powered model-university for Papua New Guinea.  The Lutheran University has contract Peddle Thorp Architects to develop a staging plan that  will compliment the University's funding and business plan.
The master plan will determine how the Lutheran University’s infrastructure will be organized, maintained, and phased in.  It will give stakeholders an idea of how the University will look in 10, 20, or even 50 years.

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